Meet the Senior Pastor


Zahir Ahmed



  • I was a Muslim and was born in East Pakistan (now called Bangladesh).
  • During the Civil War in 1971 I gave my life to Christ and recognised Him as my Lord and Saviour.    A few years later I was able to receive a scholarship to enable me to travel to Australia to study in the Bible College of Victoria for 2 years.
  • After that  I trained at the Baptist Theological College for 4 years.   I received accreditation as a Baptist Minister and served in a couple of Churches located in the western suburbs of Sydney in that capacity for several years.
  • Midway through my Theological training I married my wife, Dale.
  • I joined the Christian City Church Westside and as a result of that Church’s outreach and vision the Christian City Church Blacktown was commenced.



  • I grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney.  As a teenager I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.   I loved being a Sunday school teacher and a Youth group leader in my local Church but my vision was to serve God on the Mission field.
  • After completing 2 years Bible College I was accepted by the Australian Baptist Missionary Society to go to East Pakistan (now called Bangladesh) to use my book-keeping, secretarial and administration skills in a remote village Mission Hospital and also in the Mission’s Head Office.
  • After 10 years of service with the Mission I returned to Australia and was employed in a Chartered Accounting Firm as the Office Manager.
  • I married Zahir and have been serving faithfully with him in the Baptist Churches and then in the Christian City Churches.