Praise, Worship & Music



   CO-DIRECTOR                     DIRECTOR OF MUSIC

Rebecca Mortel                          Noel Thompson   


In our worship services you will experience a variety of songs and instruments. All of our songs are carefully chosen, ensuring that they are biblically accurate and will edify believers in their faith.

Words and phrases that would describe our music are: worshipful, energetic, spiritual, inspirational, and full of life!

When the Word of God says “Praise Ye the Lord” it is not a request, it’s a command, so every child of God is to be a praise giver and worshiper of God.

Our Music Team Members count it an honour to serve God through music and to lead others into His divine presence through praise and worship.



praise new






Expression of admiration for, to exalt, applaud. 



To express reverence; to bow low before. It is the reverent occupation of the human heart with it’s Creator.