Woman’s Ministry




Women are relationship oriented and need to connect with other women in order to grow, mature and learn from one another or to share what they themselves have learnt in their walk with the Lord.


The Ladies of C3 Blacktown meet quarterly to focus on their shared goal of knowing and experiencing Christ in a fuller, more complete way.


At C3 Blacktown, women are involved with:

*  Music

*  Prayer Ministry

*  Deacon Ministry

*  Caring for Widows

*  Community Outreach

*  Mission Projects Fundraising

*  Mentoring New-comers

*  Sunday School

*  Dealing with Teenagers

*  Visitation

*  Hospitality

*  and several other areas of concern




                 Ann Thompson

The Lord has been blessing us in a mighty way as we continue to do “His will”.


C3 Blacktown is open to all women of any age and stage of life.